Corsica : The flight by OS2U vol.1

Corsica continent is a continent consisting of many islands. I start from Kinrara Air Field and intend to explore this continent.

A small island is seen in the offing of The Air Field. That may be home of Tig.

I rode on KINGFISHER and started with the engine.

My KINGFISHER does detached  water to the south and just flies to the south.

South-southwest of Kinrara has Castle Valeria.

I come back to the Kinrara direction after going around the sky of the island.

My KINGFISHER passes the sky of Kinrara to north.

There are some SIMs like small islands just before a northwest big island of Kinrara.  Or they may have floated a big board on the sea.

I raised My KINGFISHER. After all the land must be cautious of BAN LINE.

A mysterious floating object…

There is an excellent residential area from the north of the island to the west coast.

I let my airplane drop unintentionally.

It is splendid scenery.

Such scenes have already decreased in mainland.

Did Mainland degenerate about a scene? It may be so. Therefore, such an area is valuable,

My airplane stood still suddenly in the air.

My airplane came in contact with BAN LINE which a certain house installed in the front of me. The SIM is different till now, and it is scenery of Latin origin. The first Corsica flight with my seaplane was over here…

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