The Swedish comic artist who satirized Islam was attacked during the lecture at the university.

The Swede who drew a satire comic about the Islam in 2005 received a killing notice. Will not there be the person remembering that it developed into a big religious issue in great numbers?

Lars Vilks was attacked by a Muslim when he gave a lecture  at a university. About this case in Sweden, the world was interested.

The satire comics were carried in 2005 by a Swedish newspaper.It was argued whether it was freedom of the speech or an insult to the religion and prejudice. His neck cost the prize money of 100,000 dollars at one time from al Qaeda.

This case happened during the speech about freedom of speech performed at a university. All the details of the attack by the radicals for him were recorded.

The comment of the overseas site

He spoke his art.
“Don’t admire it if unpleasant”
The ruffian who let him get a header should be sent to the country without the freedom of speech by ship. As for the ruffian, the one must be happy.

Means to call a threat is enough to shut up most people.
I cannot think Muslim to be preferable.
They let other people die from blasting and blowing oneself up.
I dislike them.

It is not all the members of the Islam. There are 7,000,000 Muslims only in U.S.A.
The opinion that all 7,000,000 are aggressive is a mistake,

How is the  ruffian of suicide bombings distinguished from a Muslim?

Did this happen in Sweden?
Oh,Sweden became same as Iraq.

Why do not the police arrest them?

Muslim monologue
“We are violent? Rude fellows!! We attack you.”

Japanese does not have knowledge about  Muslim. However, there are the friction with a Muslim and the Japanese in Japan. They are not harmony-like in Japan. I think that it is because they give top priority to their religion. And it is sometimes incompatible with our life.

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