The Japanese prime minister who is a liar in ignorance

from Sankei News(JP)

The prime minister of Japan,Yukio Hatoyama will be handed down as failure example of the education in the Japanese family.

About the issue of transference of Marine Corps Air Station Futenma of Okinawa, he said.
“When I belonged to the opposition party, importance of the American Marine Corps is what I did not notice.”

He did not notice that the U.S. Marine Corps of Okinawa functioned as a deterrent to the menace for Japan. However, it is his usual lie.

Did he work as a politician for dozens of years? It is 24 years in his Diet member career. He did not do basic understanding about a deterrent in the meantime. The Japanese citizens paid annual allowance to him idly.

His grandfather acted as the Japanese prime minister in old days. And his father acted as the Minister of Foreign Affairs in old days.

His grandfather was going to get along well with the Soviet Union from U.S.A. The grandfather did not recognize the importance of the national defense and did not do the contribution either.

His father was the Minister of Foreign Affairs from December, 1976 to November, 77. It is the time when the Soviet Union deployed middle range nuclear missile SS20 which aimed at Europe from the Eastern European counties in those days. SS20 was the most serious menace in those days for Europe and U.S.A.

When Prime Minister Fukuda who talked together with Prime Minister Schmidt in West Germany was asked about a menace of SS20, he did not know SS20 at all. The Minister of Foreign Affairs did not show Prime Minister Fukuda it about SS20.

In other words the Hatoyama whole families were not interested in national security at all.

Japan depends on U.S.A. for the majority of the security. Surprisingly, Hatoyama does not have the feeling of thanks for the United States Armed Forces. Chinese rapid large-scale expansion of armaments brings the Asian countries concern.

The American Marine Corps of Okinawa is not important only for Japan. The American Marine Corps is the security that is important for Korea and Taiwan.

Why are they so? Because Japanese a large number of teachers are communists. A certain Japanese teacher group seems to promise the loyalty to China.

The prime minister of this playful liar should resign as soon as possible.

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