Mãebaleia Driving 5

(A) There is the public road which is not mentioned in the road map of LDPW in the Satori continent. According to land information, the public road is Route8C. I came over to the south starting point of Route8C. There is a lake in the southern part of the Satori continent. It faces the west coast of the lake here. The view of the lake is not good.


Route8C is an uphill slope from the starting point.

I get on my Barbie Car after a long absence.

There were a big airport and some excellent apartments in this area before. They became extinct entirely now. The change of mainland is rapid.

All the public roads of the Satori continent are poor for a change. The mileage becomes long, but it is only it.

I want to return to Jeogeot…

(B)Route8C breaks off by a tunnel. I do teleport to (C) when I click the lantern of the left side of the tunnel. I am disappointing, and I arrive at the Satori continent northern part.



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