My new graphic card

New graphic card was connected to my PC at last.

Yay! I extended drawing distance of my viewer, but there is not it in Laggy.

A strange airplane struggles in the runway sky. As for it, the main wing seems to become the runway. The airplane fell into the runway before long and fell down aside…

I seem to be able to enjoy a comfortable flight to the full after a long absence.

I am not worried about lag of the border of SIM that much, too.

The new graphic card draws quickly the scenery from a jet flying at high speed.

It is the surprise that is nice for me.

I can reopen the exploration of mainland in future.

However, my new graphic card protruded from the case of my PC :-/

The upper case of my PC is opened now. It is an unshapely scene…

However, I can endure it for this beautiful scene.

I landed at the Acknefar airport.

It is comfortable.  And I’m very happy.

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