The great SL explorer,baker Blinker mentioned my blog in his blog,baker Blinker’s Weblog.

“Admittedly there’s a bit of language barrier to overcome in understanding much of the @YAMATO blog for English readers such as myself”

It may be hard to surely read my English very much for the people who usually use the English. Why are Japanese poor at English in this way? I wrote it about the reason before. There are English and the Japanese at the remote position in a world language greatly.

  • Indo-European languages
    • Slavic languages
      • East Slavic languages
      • West Slavic languages
      • South Slavic languages
    • Baltic languages
    • Germanic languages
      • North Germanic languages
        • Icelandic
          Norwegian (Bokmål, Nynorsk)
      • East Germanic languages
      • West Germanic languages
        • English
    • Celtic languages
    • Italic languages
    • Greek language
    • Albanian language
    • Iranian languages
    • Indo-Aryan languages
    • Armenian language
    • Tocharian languages
  • Languages of the Caucasus
  • Afroasiatic languages
  • Niger-Congo languages
  • Nilo-Saharan languages
  • Khoisan languages
  • Uralic languages
    • Finno-Ugric
    • Sami,Finnish,Estonian,Karelian.Hungarian…
  • Altaic languages
    • Korean language
  • Japonic languages
    •  Japanese,Ryukyuan
  • Sino-Tibetan languages
  • Tai-Kadai languages
  • Hmong-Mien languages
  • Austro-Asiatic languages
  • Dravidian languages
  • Austronesian languages
The Japanese which stood alone is considerably different from the Asian language of the neighborhood. A common point with Chinese is only to use Chinese character,Kanji. There is a considerable difference between Chinese and the Japanese even by the letters. And the Japanese is different in all Korean of them.
ujiyasu lives in a city of Japan.
The upper sentence is written in Japanese like a bottom.
ujiyasu-wa(氏康は) nippon-no(日本の) tosi-ni(都市に) sumu(住む).
The Japanese word order is different from English intensely. And the word order is considerably groundless. The Japanese is inferior to a concrete description such as the English.
As for English education in the Japanese school, translation to the English Japanese was made much of. Therefore, it is hard for Japanese most to write English sentences. And the Japanese pronunciation stands alone. It is not easy for a Japanese to pronounce a foreign language.
Therefore many Japanese do not want to use the English. A particularly old Japanese dislikes English. The most of the Japanese user in SL are old. The reason why they avoid interchange with foreign people are it.
I try for writing a sentence short as possible 🙂
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2 Responses to English…

  1. baker b. says:

    Thanks for this explanation. But, heck, I’m not attempting to translate English into Japanese on my blog, hehe. So I *really* admire your attempt at such a task.

    Interesting how Japanese and English are so distant from each other on the world language tree.

    Do the English language blogs like mine look queerly phrased to you as well?


  2. ujiyasu says:

    YW 🙂

    The English demands my switch of the Japanese idea. It is surprising for me. I discover something about English every day. It is useful for me and is happy.

    I understood Japanese closing by learning English. The world spreads out before my eyes now. I didn’t bring myself to watch only Japan.

    Of course I like Japan.
    However, I like the world more 🙂

    I thank for SL which tempted me into an English exercise.

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