SAAB 37 VIGGEN : From Gaeta to Corsica

I came over to the airport of the Gaeta continent,JACKO FIELD.AIRCRAFT. It is the airport in the inland  of Gaeta here.

Gaeta大陸の飛行場JACKO FIELD.AIRCRAFTへやってきました。ここは内陸にある飛行場です。

 Mig-15s and F-86s are parked to the apron. They are rivals at the time of the Korean War.


 Here is the Air Substation of SLCG, too.


I take off for the south sea of the continent.


In the continent coast, a lot of BAN lines has difficulty with the flight at the low altitude.


I raise my Viggen to evade danger.


 The Corsica continent is immediate if I can evade even a BAN line.


 The Corsica continent is long in the east and west. I decided I got tired of a flight, and to pass the inland straight.

途中で海岸線に沿って飛ぶのもかったるくなって内陸上空を突っ切ることにしますw こういったとこは勝手知ったるノーチラス大陸のほうが飛びやすいです。

Even if it is a flight on the cloud, the inland is dangerous. The reason is because height of BAN LINE is added to the height of the mountain.


I fell into the age certification just before Kinrara. My Viggen caused abnormality for the operation of the camera and fell into operation difficulty. I fell right in front of a destination Kinrara.

Kinraraの手前で年齢認証にひっかかりました>< これはいくら高く飛んでいてもダメなようです。なんとか脱出するもカメラがやられて操縦不能に>< Kinraraを目前に墜落です。

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