XL City

I visited XL City by invitation of Jer. This estate consists of in total 4SIMs. SnapDragon and XLMOVIES are owners of this estate. Everybody except me talked in voice chat. The voice of Jer is dandy unexpectedly. I was deceived in the cheer that was the crazy of his usual times. His voice that calmed down is wonderful! The voice of SnapDragon was pretty. Her voice is refined. Me? My English understanding is poor… Everybody cheered me up kindly. hahaha.

Jerに呼ばれてXL Cityへお邪魔しました。合計4つのSIMから成るSIM群です。そこにはJerとオーナーの SnapDragonにXLMOVIES、 Hellboundがいました。みんなボイチャで話してます@@。 Jer思ったより渋い声です。カッコエエー!! 女性オーナーのSnapDragonの声がとってもキュート! なんか品があるというか、素敵な声でした。あたし?ほとんど聞き取れませんねw 大体の感じはわかるけど・・・。

We got in an armed train of Jer and ran in the elevated track. The town elaborated well is looked at.


 It isn’t yet opened formally here. I don’t reveal many secrets of the SIMs. Everybody finds the pleasure.


 There is the subway, too. Jer is not a mole, but it is a master digging the ground.


Ahh.Another owner XLMOVIES does not look be a super tiny…


 Jer is a genius of the entertainment. His splendid works are familiar in Heterocera.


Enjoy this game by all means 🙂 Soooooo pleasure!!


 I wish many shops and inhabitants gather here.


 I don’t write it in detail daringly. It isn’t my negligence. You visitors discovers the pleasure here 🙂


 Jerらしい^^ ビルの屋上からダイブ。

I spent it here in half day. I had much fun. Thank you,Jer,SnapDragon,XLMOVIES.

気が付けば半日過ごしてましたw あーー完成が待ち遠しい><

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