Japan wants to arrest environmental activist

Japan wants to arrest environmental activist by DN.SE

Japan wants an international arrest warrant issued for Paul Watson, a spokesman for the environmental activists in the organization Sea Shepherd trying to put an end to Japanese whaling.

The Japanese Coast Guard has sent over its request to Interpol and requires that the 59-year-old Canadian is arrested because he instructed the members of Sea Shepherd to stop whaling and damage the crews of whaling ships.




(It is difficult English to translate much comment.)

In the words of Paul himself, “The Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary is an Internationally Established Whale Sanctuary as the Sanctuary,” said Captain Paul Watson. “Just What is it about this word ‘Sanctuary’ That People Do not Understand. Sanctuary no-kid MEANS, IT MEANS Protection, IT MEANS refuge, IT MEANS asylum, and we intend to protect the Whale Within The Sanctuary with all the resources available to us. ”

The border between the spray one or bulldozzer to skin (ie dead) nggn is not exactly subtle so with that logic, it would therefore be about whalers harpoon ring of (people)?
Had Joacim now instead of writing a completely pointless posts in a matter he has no knowledge of, instead spent the time to read to read the United Nations (Article 101 -1 982 UNCLOS) as he had also escaped to make a fool of himself here.

It is deeply shocking that a country with GDP of the international elite slaughtering whales, which are among the largest living mammals (no they are not fish). It’s only luxury with whale meat, stop it immediately.
And no you can not hang your pirate sprite …


Why not seize the Japanese valjägarna(What is valjägarna) instead? No, yeah, of course they carry out investigations that are really important to the sushi industry. Sea Shepherd do at least what they can, then the way is totally wrong, I agree. Fixed what should I do?

Yes but what the wonderful people that think it is the way to combat the threat to whales. Then of course I go around with a bulldozer and the spray that devastates rainforests, the fleece like leather and animal print overdoses of those who sell drugs. Fire with fire does not work still. Sea Shepherd is fighting for a good cause, but the way they do it is just wrong.


Sea Shepard! Wonderful piece of work! That they try to arrest the captain must surely be a sign of a job well done. Are more people to take action, and who dare to exploit the rules for the good. If there is no necessity to fish out the seas so that Japanese and other makes.
Wonder if Joacim Persson is familiar with the matter?


Whales are at least intelligent. It can not be said about us humans.


Paul Watson, also boasts of having lowered a number of ships and for these crimes is persona non grata in Iceland and possibly also in Norway. Their last flagship was seized in Canada. There he and his disciples engaged in, is piracy. There is no ‘arrest’ in arresting pirates. They have zero legal entitlements in international law, since the 1600s. The commander who seizes them at sea may, in fact, hang them in raw cam if he wants.


Japan is undoubtedly the country on the planet who is most ruthless in his destruction of the oceans. There are no authorities around the world managed to get to overcome the abject collapse happens, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, thanks to large private donations, has managed to make it to the Japanese, thanks to effective blocking of their fleet. Of course, Japan would prevent “the last obstacle”. Horrible!


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