F-14 To Acknefar

Some F-14s of A.a.b was put in the airport of Honah Lee Surf. The black F-14 is Pirates Air specifications.

I planned long-range flight from here to Gaeta at first. However, I thought about the fact of the airport in Gaeta and postponed it. I think that only the airport of the Gaeta western part is suitable for a landing for me. Because Gaeta is a small continent, there is not the hindrance in particular. It is necessary for me to confirm an airport of the Gaeta inland. I postpone a flight to Gaeta till the two places of investigation is finished.

I went to the Acknefar airport of the Nautilus continent northeast this time.

The Blake Sea outskirts of the weekend are worried about lag. I raise my F-14 and suppress the influence of lag to a minimum.

However, the lag disturbs the movement of my airplane. The existence of many yachts is confirmed under eyes.

I raised altitude more. The deep blue sky is the friend for my jet. I do not fight. A flight while I look at the beautiful sky is my wish.

I arrived at the Acknefar airport. By the way, I start the investigation of the airport of Gaeta.

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