“True contempt” to the Hatoyama government

“True contempt” to the Hatoyama government(JP) from Sankei News

The news of the U.S. side that the high officials of Obama Administration considered Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama to be loopy became the topic in Japan However, the evaluation of Obama Administration for the Hatoyama government already varied from loopy to contempt.

The White House and the Department of State feel true contempt now for the Hatoyama government. U.S.A. recognizes that Japan began submergence in the Japan-U.S. relationship and the global community.

The researcher with Heritage Foundation wrote an article of the title called Japan which is meaningless in Asia. Japan got the greatest economic profit and security by Japan-U.S. alliance. However, Japan gave U.S.A. only the smallest profit. Japan was not able to change economic power to politics and security treaty. And their economy has begun to dissolve at last.

Some Japanese men of intelligence emphasize the software power of Japan. However, the soft power needs not to be changed to a political influence. It is an excuse of the buck-passing of the Japan-U.S. alliance. Japan reduced the defense budget consecutively for 8years in spite of Asian dangerous strategy environment. They impose limitation as they are stupid on the international contribution of the Self-Defense Force.

The Hatoyama government pushes the dangerous work to the other countries. And they are not going to think about even a defense policy seriously.

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