An Iceland Joke

Someone addressed it to the Swedish prime minister and sent a threatening letter today. It was discovered that the small little things that a threat sentence was written were put between the mailbox of the entrance of the prime minister’s official residence in before dawn of today by a guard.

“Prepare for 30,000,000,000 euros, and put it in a certain trash box tonight beside Iceland Embassy. We stop the eruption of the volcano if you do so it. But don’t contact the police.”

It seems to have been written by the Icelander who didn’t know words of Swedish very much. The letter which there is not for Swedish is mixed in the sentence. After all it’s an Icelandic act!

30,000,000,000 euros may pass to the U.K. and the Dutch government afterwards…

I discovered this joke in blog,Swedish now(JP) by the Japanese who belonged to the Göteborg University department of economics 🙂

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