The lie covered Hatoyama government

Intense negotiations of the Japan-U.S. government about the transference of Marine Corps Air Station Futenma of Okinawa are continued. The U.S. Government increases distrust to the Japanese Hatoyama government. And they protested the leak of discussion contents by the Japanese Government severely. Hatoyama Administration of the difficult situation did not leave the record of the summit meeting for slackerism intentionally.

The U.S. Government flies into a rage with the Hatoyama government revealing American military secrets. The Hatoyama government cannot decide the transference place of the airport. And the Japanese Government announces discussion contents of the Japan-U.S. government and confuses a Japanese citizen.

The Hatoyama government pretends ignorance for protest of the U.S. Government.

“The Japanese Government does not know this demand of the U.S. side”(Kitazawa Minister defense)

“It’s groundless information”(Hirano the Chief Cabinet Secretary)

The U.S. Government is cautious of it being done buck-passing of a cause of the airport transference failure of the Japanese Government. Actually, Hatoyama spoke that there was the cause of this problem in the U.S. Government.

In the Japanese left-winger Administration, all the other problems are like this, too. They tell a lie unconcernedly. It is a very bad custom of Japanese 60’s. It is said that there is a cause for the education that they took as for their the custom. They are the generations who took education most in the times when influence is strong of the communism just after World War II.

Why do they tell a lie unconcernedly? We may understand it if we watch China.

Hatoyama is going to deceive U.S.A. and Japanese citizen.

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