Blue Feather

I visited the gallery of baker blinker.

Many works exhibited there showed the new world of SL to me. Unfortunately I cannot introduce there in Japanese. I feel that the Japanese heart became very ignominious in these past 10 years. Their repulsion to my introducing an overseas creator of SL in Japanese. Why don’t you introduce a Japanese work in spite of a Japanese? I am sometimes criticized like that.

If the Japanese want to sell their works to the world, they should introduce it by oneself. Why don’t you use the Japanese in spite of a Japanese? They are worthless cross-examination. Even if I write language of any place, it is my freedom.

Even if I praise this splendid work in Japanese, the Japanese will say.

“Even a Japanese can make such a thing.”

Japanese is very overconfident with the Japanese fellow.

Few Japanese support my thought. Some Japanese shuts himself/herself up to their narrow cell even in SL and looks down upon overseas people. Their look is turned to us. Fortunately, we don’t have regions for exclusive use of the Japanese and relations.

However, all of splendid works exhibited by these gallery are stimulating. baker may have been full of the pressure for the establishment of this gallery.

The snapshots that I photographed are different from the real works. Artistic movement is added to the real works. We stand before the work in his gallery and can appreciate all of the works for the first time.

The gallery have an interesting point for the structure of the building. The placement of the building which slipped off somewhat intentionally.

There was a Japanese woman who found fault with my avatar the other day.

“You don’t seem to be a Japanese. You are Japanese shame.”

She said.

I resemble Ainu than the Japanese,you. I’m not a protruding tooth. And there is not me in slanty. However, how did it do it? She should cross-examine Japanese animal avatars.

“Why are you a figure of the animals? You are Japanese shame.”

She asks so rhe man the question, and I don’t know it even if hit by him…

Ah,I feel stress.

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6 Responses to Blue Feather

  1. Hey! Thanks for visiting the Blue Feather, ujiyasu! Natsha and Loki’s also have a new (larger) exhibit at:

    TOURNICOTON Art Gallery – Arts T, Metaversel (237, 179, 21)

    (I’m so happy — I have a new computer — very little lag now!) Talk soon!

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Did you purchase a new PC?
    It’s very enviable.
    As for you, the construction of the superior gallery is possible thereby.

    I update my PC’s graphic card by next week, too.
    I can reopen activity of the SL appearance in earnest thereby, too.

  3. Good luck with the graphics card. For me it was much more reasonable to buy a new PC. It cost about 500 American dollars, without a monitor. Inspiron 570 by Dell. We’ve had good dealings with Dell before.

  4. Hey again,

    I was also going to tell you that I went over and took some pictures of the monestary in Lill Burn Valley you visited not long ago. Apparently it is going to shut down this month.

    I’ll add a bit of text when I have time.

  5. ujiyasu says:

    I envy you…

    I should have bought a PC of the 500 dollars equivalency, too.

    However, I was not able to have time when a new PC arrived.

    Or there was the method I carried a PC on my shoulder, and to bring in my house.

    Er,I’m xample.

  6. ujiyasu says:

    You went to that monastery.
    I knew the orchard of the monastery.
    But,I knew the existence of the field in your blog for the first time.

    I want to visit the orchard 🙂

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