Tokyo wobbles on the American alliance



“Yukio Hatoyama had to settle for just 10 minutes, and even that during a banquet when the US president was presumably more interested in the appetisers and wine.”

“One (Japanese) senior politician called the put-down – as it was inevitably viewed in Tokyo – “humiliating”.

“The Japanese prime minister was shunted to the edge of a group photo, the diplomatic equivalent of banishment to Siberia.”

Tokyo wobbles on the American alliance ———- The Japanese citizen of the overwhelming majority does not expect such a thing. Did Hatoyama take humiliation? It is a proper reward. Because he continues telling the U.S. Government and a Japanese citizen lies.

“Mr Hatoyama, branded as “hapless and (in the opinion of some Obama administration officials) increasingly loopy” by Al Kamen, a Washington Post columnist, has boxed himself in further.”

“He is loopy”

He is already whispered among Japanese citizens in this way. He is loopy with a liar.

“The new DPJ administration, many of whose senior figures grew up in the anti-Vietnam war era, has openly flirted with the idea of forging a different kind of security arrangement.”

8,000,000 people born in Japan for three years from 1947 to 1949 are left wing marks. They developed intense anti-U.S.A. exercise in the case of Vietnam War. They are sympathetic to Iraq in the Iraqi War. And they feel friendly feeling more in China. These embarrassing parties administer the Japanese government now.

They are treated like a hanger-on from other Japanese generations. They are the age that is equal to my grandfather, but do not deserve it if they respect it.

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