A Cultural Revival Among Japan’s Ainu

A Cultural Revival Among Japan’s Ainu from WSJ

It is rare that it’s told about Ainu race in Japan. Why is a Japanese minority race written with an American newspaper not Japan?  The Japanese may not want to accept the existence of the minority race in Japan.

However, in fact, there is Ainu race in Japan. With the history that they were persecuted as for it by a Japanese. The Japanese men of the nationalist in particular are antiforeign ideas-like.

The Japanese is the mixed blood race, and it is not a single race. Full-blooded Ainu are lighter skinned than their Japanese neighbors and have more body hair. The Japanese people of ancient times and Ainu people is similar.

Han Chinese and ethnic Korean groups are thought to be the origin of the Yayoi group. They moved to Japan from the time in the third century and came to rule over Japan.

Ainu race unlike a Chinese and the Korean features can be said to be another Japanese original. I am the features that resembled Ainu, but there is the Japanese who resembled me in great numbers. Ainu race should not be discriminated against.

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