Sweden : TV4

The weather general condition of Stockholm is printed in the footline of the Swedish newspaper,DN.SE. We can understand that Stockholm is very colder than Tokyo thereby. The particularly night temperature is -3 degrees Celsius. It is much cold!!


There is a TV program column in the left of the weather general condition column. Sweden’s Television, is a national television broadcaster,funded by a compulsory fee to be paid by all television owners. The Swedish public broadcasting system resembles Japanese NHK or British BBC.

そのお天気欄の左にテレビ番組の一覧があります。SVTってのはスウェーデン・テレビという公共放送ですね。NHKみたいなものww TV3とTV4、TV6,Kanal 5というのが民間の放送局です。

TV4 Nyheterna

TV4 is a Swedish media company that owns the largest commercial television channel in Sweden. The sight can access from Japan and the reproduction of the animations is possible. Why do I watch TV4? Because it is the good learning materials of the hearing of Swedish.

TV4は日本からアクセスして動画を見ることができます。なぜ見るかって? スウェーデン語のヒアリングにとてもいいからです。

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2 Responses to Sweden : TV4

  1. Mjömark says:

    Nice that you like TV4. I work at the company. I hope you have not missed tv4play.se.

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Oh! Thank you for useful contents.
    I tried tv4play.se.

    “Due to rights limitations, this video cant be offered in the country or region where you are located.”
    If I will play contents, the reproduction is stopped with the comment mentioned above.

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