A Chinese destroyer pointed a cannon to Japanese P3-C.

The Chinese naval war vessels which passed the Okinawa sea near the shore on this month 10  went around Okinotori-shima. There is the island in the Japanese exclusive economic zone. On 19th, plural Japan-U.S. military people involved clarified it. When it is a rock, China insists on Okinotori-shima. The Chinese war vessels acted on demonstration to Japan.

The Chinese war vessels belong to East Sea Fleet were organized by 10ships,2Sovremenny class destroyers,3frigates,2Kilo class submarines and A replenishment vessel. After the escadrille passed high seas of southwestern about 140 kilos of main island of Okinawa for the Pacific from the East China Sea on 10th,they performed the marine supplying in Okinawa south sea area on 11th and arrived at the Okinotori-shima peripheral sea area on 13th.

The Chinese naval helicopter came close to 90m to a Japanese destroyer watching on 8th. According to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army,it is the magnificent period and ocean training of the scales for them.

China performs ocean study in the EEZ around Okinotori-shima without performing notice to necessary Japan in United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. They showed off that their submarine could act freely here in Japan.

JIji Press announced the new information at 15:03 on 20th.

A Chinese naval destroyer turned the aim of the machine gun to the P3C patrol plane of the Japan Marine Self Defense Force at about half past 3 in the afternoon of 13th. The former Soviet Union of the cold war period has not taken such action for the Self-Defense Force airplane and a Maritime Self-Defense Force vessel, too. Japanese P3C flew the normal patrol that conformed to an international law.

The Japanese Government offers the confirmation of actual relations to China for the threat act of the Chinese destroyer. What is the Chinese navy going to do in the Pacific and the Japanese sea near the shore?

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