svenska スウェーデン語

Swedish and Norwegian and Danish are languages of very near relations. The Icelandic belongs to North Germanic languages same as them, too. However, the Icelandic leaves the characteristic of old North European words, and the acquisition is difficult for Japanese.

There are letters of unique å,ö,ä for Swedish. Norwegian and Danish have å,ø,æ equally. By the way, Icelandic has  Á, Ð,É,Í, Ó, Ú, Ý, Þ ,Æ, Ö as original letters.

The speaking of Norwegian resembles Swedish. Some pronunciation of Danish are unique. On the other hand, writing of Norwegian resembles Danish.


スウェーデン語には英語に無いå,ö,äの文字があります。ノルウェー語とデンマーク語ですと å,ø,æ がスウェーデン語のそれに対応する文字です。ちなみにアイスランド語では Á, Ð,É,Í, Ó, Ú, Ý, Þ ,Æ, Öが独自の文字としてあります。

スウェーデン語とノルウェー語は話した感じは似ています。デンマーク語の発音はまた独特なんですw 一方書いた感じですとデンマーク語とノルウェー語は似ている、そんな関係にあります。

Swedish notable feature is the pitch accent, which is unusual for European languages.


ByWiki Japanese_(standard)_vowels.svg Chart of Standard Japanese vowels、Author: Original file by User:ish ishwar. SVG convertion: User:Hołek (me).


The Japanese vowels are pronounced as monophthongs except for “U”. Vowels have a phonemic length distinction (short or long).


Swedish_monophthongs_chart.svg‎ SVG version of IPA vowel chart for Swedish language. Author : Swedish_monophthongs_chart.png: Jeffrey Connell (IceKarma)

Swedish has 9 vowels that make up 17 phonemes in most varieties and dialects. There are clearly many vowel sounds of Swedish in comparison with the Japanese.


The Japanese has trouble with even English pronunciation very much. It is the biggest reason that it is often that a consonant and a vowel sound always connect it, and it is pronounced. Even if I describe pronunciation of Swedish, most Japanese cannot understand the correct pronunciation.

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