GD Inc. Rentals

GD Inc.Rentals SIMs consist of 15SIMs or more. There are some shops in Neko and Voodoo which I introduced  recently. SIMs except them are the private rental aria. Because the road which went around SIMs of the central part was excellent, I went around there.

GD Inc. RentalsのSIMは15を越えるSIM群を形成しています。南のVoodooとNekoはあたしが最近紹介しているNeko系のお店がいくつかあります。それら以外のSIMはプライベートなレンタル地区になっています、その中で中央部のSIMを周回する道路が秀逸なので一周してみました。

As for my graphic card, texture of the land which is displayed because it is poor is lowest.


Very luxurious houses are built to the circumference.


The landscaper of this Sims(Sim owner) is excellent.


Most Japanese don’t have an idea to live in such very large land. The reason may be because it lives in the Japanese very mainly small house in reality.


I want to add a graphic card to my PC early…


It may be one good idea to leave the construction of the public road of mainland to this landscaper.


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