The approval rating downspin of the Japanese prime minister who is a liar

by Naverまとめ

According to the public opinion poll of the Japanese news agency/Jiji Press, a citizen’s approval rating to Hatoyama Cabinet fell to 23%. Upper House election is planned in Japan in this summer. The approval rating that was 60.6% continued falling just after this government start in October, 09 .

The reason of the nonsupport to this government of voters are the loss of the expectation to this government and Disappointment to the prime minister who doesn’t show the leadership. The approval rating of unaffiliated voters is in particular equal to or less than 20%.

The Japanese prime minister,Hatoyama who told the President of U.S.A. many lies should resign as soon as possible. He made a crack in the Japan-U.S. alliance. He made no measures for recession. He planned the postal nationalization, and he was criticized by the all japanesebanks. He didn’t achieve one pledge to the voters either.

He continues telling lies today in front of mass communication.

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