svenska : The problem about the overseas linguistic education in Japan

Swedish language

  1. History of the Swedish language
    1. Old Norse
    2. Old Swedish
    3. Modern Swedish
  2. Traditional dialects
  3. Swedish phonology
  4. Swedish grammar

The explanation about Swedish in the English of Wiki is substantial. On the other hand, the explanation with the Japanese edition of Wiki is poor.

There is very little information about Swedish in Japan. English holds most of foreign language education in Japan. However, the education isn’t effective. The English education of the grammar overemphasis that did rigidification does not contribute to conversation in the English and progress of the hearing. Japanese teachers of language/English in most Japan are poor at pronunciation.

Native speakers begin to contribute to Japanese English education recently. However, the young teachers from Canada,U.K. New Zealand,Australia and U.S.A. are disappointed sometime soon. The reason is because they are surprised at the self-importance of the Japanese teacher, and it is disgusted. Many Japanese engaged in the work of the English teacher for dozens of years is like this.

We Japanese cannot make progress in English in this. Many Japanese who graduated from a school do not have the opportunity most of the conversation in the English. And they gradually forget English. They are tired by Japanese severe long time labor very much. And they don’t have the will of the English remedial education.

I must deviate from a method of the English education in Japan. Many Japanese are surprised at this description and may curse me.


  1. スウェーデン語の歴史
    1. 古ノルド語


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