Our tandem flight

I start a formation flight with Cat from the Santa Catalina airport of the USS to the Satori continent western part.

My SAAB37 Viggen and Cat’s  F-16 fly in the sky where sunset approaches to the west. There is our destination in 34regions ahead.

あたしはSAAB 37 Viggen、CatさんはF-16で、日没近くを西へ飛びます。目的地まだは34SIMというとこですかね。

We pass Blake-Sea from the USS western part and fly the sky of high seassky between Nautilus city and the Satori continent to the west.


The flight with 2 is more pleasant than a solo flight.


We landed at the land of the Satori continent northwest safely. There was land for sale before. The owner of the neighboring land knew that Cat used there for the exercise of the airplane and bought the land. In a kind thing, he keeps the land a state levelled the land of.

あたしたちはCatさんが離着陸に使っていた、Satori大陸のある売り地だった場所に無事着陸しました。そこは隣の土地オーナーがCatさんが飛行機の練習に使っているのを知っていてわざわざ買い取って更地のままにしてくれている場所なのです^^ のら猫強し@@

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