Stockholm : Yasuragi


There is a Japanese hotel in Sweden, Yasuragi Hasseludden(sv,en). It’s located in Nacka,East of Stockholm City. The extract of the Japanese culture is gathered at a Japanese-style hotel. Yasuragi was designed by a Japanese architect. And Japanese cooks cook Japanese food there.
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物見遊山じゃありませんよ (jp). Two Japanese women visited Yasuragi and wrote an article about it. And some photographs of  Yasuragi inside. She wrote it as follows.

The Building  is very large.Therefore some Japanese-style break space is installed and are very good. There is space taking off shoes in the guest room. Because there are many people taking off shoes in a house in Sweden, there may not be sense of incongruity.

Visitors wear a yukata and in slippers and can stay in the public space. The Swedes received the explanation of the bathing method to a Japanese-style bath. They heard explanation well-mannered. The Japanese was only the woman two people among visitors.

The Swedes glancing at Japanese does not talk to a Japanese. Probably they are very shy.

Our dinner were grilling foods on an iron plate(Teppanyaki). About 10 are located in each table. The Swedes talked to Japanese when they began to drink liquor.

“How do you think of this hotel?”
“How do you think of Sweden?”
“This fish is very delicious with a freshwater fish”
“This soup is Japanese style, too?”

Real they speak fluent English.


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