Mãebaleia : Adrien House

Adrien House of the Satori continent southern part is the building which here was already two years ago. It may be said that it is rare existence on the Satori continent where the building of that time already disappeared almost.


 Satori大陸南部のAdrien Houseは2年前にはもうここにあった建物です。その頃の建造物がもうほとんど姿を消したこの大陸では稀有な存在といえるかも知れません。

 This garden is a ordered garden laid out in planned geometric and symmetric lines. It’s called formal garden or  French garden.


 The name of the palace deserves this than a house.



 The inside of the palace made with Fontainebleau style.


 Unfortunately most of the sofas are not done setting of normally. This palace may not have been done practical use of.

ソファの類がすべてちゃんとセッティングされてないのが惜しいですね>< 実際には使われていない場所なのかもです。

 A luxurious, however, dining room without a feeling of life.


I want to really use such a bath.


 A splendid big bedroom. However, the bed of here cannot lie down, too.


A bathroom for exclusive use of the bedroom. And the land of this palace was for sale…


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