Heterocera : Main Line of SLRR( April 8, 2010 )

I ran by my locomotive on the Mainline of SLRR from southeastern Bhaga of the Heterocera continent counterclockwise. I found the big buildings on track both sides of Lapara of the SLRR northernmost. The region was a Japanese town before. In this winter, the town disappeared suddenly.


北のLaparaというSIMは今年の冬まで日本人町が存在したところです。あたしは機関車で通過するだけでしたのであまり詳しいことは知らないんです。南西部のやはり日本人町の雛見沢でも知ってる人はいないようですしww あまり接点無かったのですね・・・


A building of the south side of the tracks may be a station. It is a large-scale station having some platforms and railroad sidings. The owner of the land is Israel of inhabitants of same region. I sometimes watche his remark in SL Blog. And he is train lover. He settled down in this region immediately and, after the extinction of the Japanese town, prevented the depopulation.

線路南側は駅ですか?ホームと引込み線がいくつかある大きなものですね^^ オーナーは同じSIMのRoute1沿いに住む列車愛好家のIsraelさんです。日本人撤退後のこのSIMにいち早く移り住んで過疎化にストップをかけた功労者とも言える人ですね。

The iron bridges and the tracks are made by H8 Motors of Mick Huet. They are made precisely very finely.

鉄橋や線路はMick HuetのH8モータース製です。スタンダードに比べてかなり凝ったもの。

On the other hand, a high-rise building of SLRR RAIL GROUP was built in the track north side. BigDaddy of the owner who hold some shops named Rail Depot along SLRR, and administers HOOKTIP CITY is very rich. According to Jer, he seems to be still single. Er? Does it have nothing to do with this article?

一方、線路北側にはSLRR RAIL GROUPの高いビルが建ちました。オーナーのBigDaddyはSLRR沿線にいくつもRail Depotのお店を構えているほか東部のHOOKTIPのSIM丸ごと使ってHOOKTIP CITYを運営している大金持ちです。Jerが彼はまだ独身だとか言ってましたが・・・

A small house of the rear of the building. I feel slightly sorry for it in the shade…


I came over to Lunalis Station of the continent west. There is land called Around The Atoll in the north side of the track. June of the owner sets up an information place of the Heterocera here. I found the link panel to my blog in the lower left. I’m honored among explorers,baker,Nish,Pawpaw 🙂 Thank you. june!  She seems to have gone to my station of Imperial to photograph a snapshot expressly.

西側のLunalis Stationまでやってきました。線路の北側にAround The Atollという土地があります。オーナーのJuneさんはここて北大陸のインフォメーションをしてくれています。探検家達といっしょのブログとしてここに載せてくれて光栄だなー^^ わざわざImperialの駅までSS撮りにいってくれたんだあ。ありがとうです。

 The right of the track(south) is Lunalis Station. And the left(north) is land of June.

Oh? Here is land of BigDaddy, too. Flying Dougie Train by DOUGIE is a familiar train.

あら、ここもBigDaddyのとこですよw DOUGIEのFlying Dougie Trainはよく見かける列車ですね。

There was a wonderful Japanese house on the hill.


I discovered a strange object in Neumoegen. It seems to be a metal ant. Mainland continues changing. And it gives us joy of the discovery. 

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4 Responses to Heterocera : Main Line of SLRR( April 8, 2010 )

  1. June Trefoil says:

    Oh I’m glad you like the snapshot of Imperial. You write of your station and the gardens with joy, so I decided to take a snapshot of Imperial for your blog link.

    And some news – the tracks all along Lunalis and the land next to the station are all rez zoned now. Yevad Doobie put in a ticket for me. Michael made the changes just a few days ago.

  2. ujiyasu says:

    June,I can’t thank you enough.
    I like my blog link which you made 🙂

    It is a good news for us that Michael increases improvement for SLRR.

    Still, Yevad is a master of the tickets.

  3. Ellie K. says:

    I enjoyed reading your travelogue and commentary as you drove your locomotive through SL. I’m looking forward to the next entry!

  4. ujiyasu says:

    Thank you,Ellie 🙂
    As for me, my PC was broken late this week.
    I push forward the setting of my new PC.

    I may go for the exploration again later for a while.

    However, I became lonely in my wallet…


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