Cécile Corbel

Cécile Corbel which sang a theme song of The Borrower Arrietty performed promotion for the first time in Tokyo on 7th. She composed the theme song,”Arrietty’s Song”. She sent her album to Studio Ghibli one year ago.

“I always get inspiration from your work”

She attached the letter which she wrote in this way to her album. The producer,Suzuki Toshio who received Cécile’s letter and album judged the contents to be equal to it with a view of the world of Arrietty.

“I wasn’t able to believe the decision first. I think that fairy and God of the Celts whom I like supported me.”

Cécile said.

She watched Grave of the Fireflies eight years ago and  had a good feeling toward the works of Studio Ghibli.

“I look forward to an exhibition in France of The Borrower Arrietty.  My homefolk will be proud of participation to my Ghibli work.”


 セシルはハープを弾きながら歌うスタイルで、主題歌「Arrietty’s Song」は自身が作曲。日本では無名だったが、1年前に「作品からいつもインスピレーションをもらっています」と手紙を添えて自身のアルバムをジブリに送付したところ、受け取った鈴木敏夫プロデューサーが「アリエッティの世界観にピッタリ」と抜てきした。セシルは「信じられなかった。私が好きなケルトの妖精と神様が私に味方してくれたと思う」。



The singer / the harpist based on traditional Celts folk music was born in French Brittany.

Cécile Corbel official site(En)

Cécile Corbel official site(Fr)

セシル・コルベル 公式サイト(Jp)

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