Mãebaleia Driving 4

I drive Route8 to the south from the terminal of the last time. 


 However, the car which I drove was driven fast aside in a border of the 2SIM future. My car was caught on Ban Line, and it was returned to my inventry.

しかし2SIMも先に行かないうちに境目で車が斜めに飛んでBan Lineに引っかかり、この通りww

 Because Route8 lengthened in a border of SIM diagonally, I canceled my drive.


H8  locomotives were seen on the very large land which estate agency, FFrendz Rental @Dorje had.

 FFrendz Rental @Dorjeという不動産屋さんがもってる広大な土地にぽつんとH8の機関車が見えますが・・・

They were H8Huet.


I arrived at the continent southern part at a stretch. There were place some which are wonderful before, but there is nothing now. The Satori continent may have undergone a complete change most in these past approximately 2 years. It may be caused by the topography which is poor for a change.


かなり長距離を飛んでRoute8を南下してSatori南部まできてしまいました>< 以前はいくつも素敵な場所があったんですけど今はすっかり壊滅状態です。もしかしてメインランドで一番変わっちゃったかも?変化に乏しい土地が敬遠されているのかも知れません。

 Little Yoshiwara. A Japanese-style area by the perhaps Chinese American owner.


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