deHaviland Turbo Beaver

deHaviland Turbo Beaver made by Tig Spijkers is the seaplane that a flight is very easy. LeahDizon introduced the Beaver in Japanese blog about SL  first.  I took out the Beaver from box and floated it on the sea of Rera. According to the attached manual, the operation method is very easy.

Learさんに先を越されちゃいましたが^^、カナダの飛行機メーカー、デ・ハビランド社製の水上機ビーバーです。昨日訪れたKinraraの飛行場で友達になったTigさんからからプレゼントされたものです。彼女が作ったんですねえ^^ 早速Boxから出してReraの海上にRezしました。操作方法も常識的なもので覚えるのは簡単。

It is easy for the beginner to treat this Beaver. I’m going to explore Corsica continent with many islands in my Beaver.


The landing on the water of Beaver is soft. It can fly anyone in peace.


As for DHC-2 MK.III Turbo Beaver in-world , the appearance is elegant, too. It suggests even the figure of the swan.


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