The flights from the Corsica continent to USS

 I came to the shop called BERDAV marineware Mainstore.  The parts of yacht or boat made by sculpted prims are sold in this shop. Those parts are very useful for the production of the ship. My friend found it accidentally here. I must thank her. Because there is an airport in the east of this shop.

 I opened my viewer’s map. This SIM,Kinrara is a southwestern island of the Corsica continent. We can arrive at from here the Nautilus continent by air. I decided to fly it from here to Santa Catalina of the USS. I made friends with Tig here. She explained SLCG to me very kindly. I knew SLCG a little. However, I know that SLCG had many footholds in mainland by her explanation. And she presented seaplane,Canadian deHaviland Turbo Beaver for the exploration to me. Thank you,Tig 🙂  I use this beaver for Corsica continent search.

 I took off from Kinrara Air Field. And I aim at the southern Nautilus continent.

 I appoint a course change plan spot to my map. It is displayed as a red pillar during a flight.

 I arrived at the Nautilus continent immediately. I continued flying sky 300m of the Nautilus continent in the south.

 I let Viggen descend in Nautilus continent southern coast. So that I start a visual flight.

 I flew it to the east along the northern coast of the Nautilus city.

 The lighthouse of Crows Nest in Blake Sea.

 I start a landing to the Santa Catalina airport. I sometimes fail in a landing to this airport. haha…

I succeeded in a flight to the USS from the Corsica continent. And I got footing and my friend in the Corsica continent 🙂

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6 Responses to The flights from the Corsica continent to USS

  1. I’m aware of the ban lined and non script allow parcels. Where can I found a navigation charts banks, please? Actually I live in Skyridge at my Yacht Club. Don’t hesiate to visit and get an appointment. It will be an honour for me, a lover as well of boats as aircrafts. Willing to fight all that parcels setting that reduce the enjoy inworld.
    Regards, good winds! good speed!

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Ban Lines changes by buying and selling of the land in region every day. The lasting navigation chart limits it to protect lands and it can be made.

    We cannot acquire information of adjacent region by LSL.

    Grasp of the setting point of Rez point and Ban Line will be a big problem in mainland in future.

    I will visit your yacht club sometime soon.
    Thank you then 🙂

  3. Thanks for your response and specially for your traveller records around SL. That is a very useful nice offer to know inworld to anyone interested.

    Have you ever though about publish a “like Michelin” charts? 🙂 Just kiddin’

    The best regards,

  4. ujiyasu says:

    “like Michelin”
    hahaha,it’s very good idea!
    Are the stars added, too? 🙂

    I visited your yacht club a while ago.
    There is your yacht club at the good position.
    There becomes the foothold of the yacht of the Corsica western part and the trip with the seaplane.

    It is splendid to make a chart around some footholds in Corsica.

    Thank you for your splendid idea!! 🙂

  5. Thanks so much for your interest.

    Request any info about zone, that I’m closely explored looking for holes between bad-neighbourg parcels and off-sim invaders that alike to get thier profit of the whole public community protected sims.
    Where Linden Labs make blind eyes to all my tickets about.

    Protest apart, when I can re-log after being stuck on Daggoo two days ago, I will be very proud to share your trip around.

    The best regards.

  6. ujiyasu says:

    Oh! Did you do re-log in the Nautilus eastern part,Daggoo?

    I take off from Acknefar in the southwest of Daggoo well by air.
    I fly to Gaeta via Kinrara from Acknefar 🙂

    Unfortunately we can’t go from USS to Corsica by yacht. I hope for increase of the protect land for LL.

    Though the possibility that LL agrees to it is low…

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