Mãebaleia Driving 3


(A) I go south in Route8 of the Satori continent eastern part sequentially in the last time.


前回に引き続きSatori大陸東部のRoute8を南下します。前回ドライブを終えたRez Zoneからスタートです。

(B)I found an airport called =Mounford= Airport in the left hand.

 左手に=Mounford= Airportという飛行場を見つけました。

In this continent, south continent is similar, and the road is monotonous. There is the area where Zingo shops are concentrated.


The scenery of the route that seems to be totally Hokkaido.


(C)Oh? I see a big pond and rocky place to the left hand. I drop in at there.


おや?大きな池と岩場が見えます。少し先にRez Zoneがあったので寄ってみます。

 Cho Fishin’ Hole is a fishing pond

 Cho Fishin’ Holeという釣堀でした。

It is nice that there is a place of such a scenery. In mainland, the natural scenery continues decreasing.

こんな緑の景色があるのは嬉しいです^^ とにかくメインランドはこういうところ減っちゃってるので・・・

I’m relaxed even if I don’t do fishing.


If the mountain stream fishing is possible, I am splendid.


I’m the best for a nap here.


(D)I got off my car at crossroads with divided 8B from Route8 to the west.



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