Japanese Gardens In-world

Overseas inhabitants make most of the Japanese gardens in SL. Why doesn’t the Japanese make a Japanese garden with SL? Perhaps I think that modern many Japanese forgot a Japanese-style garden. Most Japanese live in the big city today. They work for a long time and they live in the small house and they are tired there. It is rare that Japanese make beautiful scenery in SL. They make a shop than a garden. And they are troubled about sales every day. It expresses the modern Japanese figuratively.

The Japanese culture originally coexisted with nature. But the rapid industrialization destroyed Japanese nature. And it destroyed the Japanese inside. It is only few Japanese to know original Japanese culture. Many Japanese live in the West and Japanese half-finished civilization.

 When you watch Japanese SIM in SL, you may be surprised at the uniformity. The SIM which the imagination lacked just suggests it of the Japanese imagination. I sometimes feel dark to see Japanese SIM. However, most Japanese seem to expect uniformity. I am, so to speak, a heretic in Japanese SL.

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