F-14 : April 5, 2010

The F-14 which I ride adds the mark of VF-111 to the tail assembly. The nickname of this squadron is Sundowners. And my F-14 takes off at sunset. This mark means Japan falls, and sink. It is because VF-111 fought against the Japanese armed forces with World War II. After World War II, VF-111 was put on A as a squadron of the Pacific fleet position. They came flying in the Japanese Atsugi Naval Air



About the impression why Japanese I boarded the airplane,I do’not have a bad impression toward this. There are many American boarding Japanese airplanes in-world. I’m similar to it.


 I tried some photography methods of the photograph during my flight.


I like low-altitude flights most 🙂


But it’s impossible in the ground sky of mainland…


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