Mãebaleia Driving 2

I go south by car from DINER ROSALITA along Route8 of the Satori continent northeast. The inland search lets me be tired very much. Therefore I am removed by much Ban Line. And much security criticizes me. The inland search works as me gloomily. Therefore I changed it for driving.


Satori大陸北東部のRoute8沿いにあるDINER ROSALITAから車で南下してみます。やっぱ公道や海などのパブリックアクセスないとこの探索の連続は嫌になります><

However, there does not  be some found thing during a drive…


I went south earnestly.


Did this continent decline?


At last I found the forest.


 I found Rez Zone and got off my car.

ちょうどRez Zoneを見つけてそこで車を降りました。


Fowl Family River Delta


As for mainland, the park and the green tract of lands seem to have decreased generally. The owners of the land which opened the park in the community decreased.


The small personal land increased for objection. What does it mean? It means increase of Ban Line and increase of  the security. It is fatal for an explorer.

反面、狭い個人の土地が増えてそういったとこはプライバシー重視でがんがんBAN LINE張ったりセキュリティを設置してますから。

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