My flight by the F-14

I came to the Santa Catalina airport for a flight to Acknefar. 

 Some F-14s park here. However, there are not my military unit and the F-14 of the stablemate. I took off.

 I went around the lighthouse of Crows Nest at a low altitude.

 Because a yacht came in this SIM, I rise.

 I aimed at the Acknefar airport.

 I was anxious about a north air boundary of Spyglass being unstable. The air boundaries continue to Tordangle.

 I came to Acknefar safely. My older sister flew away for the air boundary investigation that was the instability successively.

 Viggen crashed in a border of Elhadi and Eliades.

The older sister tried a flight from Santa Catalina once again, but fell again at the same spot. And she was going to exceed the border on foot, but it was logged out forcibly. This SIM seems to be very ill-conditioned now.

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