Mãebaleia : The Little Sea

There is the small sea connected to the northern coast by water way in the Satori continent. I cruised of the sea called the Little Sea.

 Satori大陸北岸と水路でつながった小さな「海」があります。Little Seaと呼ばれているんですが、今日はそこをクルーズしました。sakurakoさんのお店から水路に入って陸地に沿って一周します。

 the Little Sea doesn’t have the special place. In this area,private beaches and yacht clubs and dance floors are often found. The scenery is the same as the shore of other much mainland.


 There is ViRTuaL ATTIRE which is famous for Neko in this area alone. I will introduce it later here.

唯一と言っていいかViRTuaL ATTIRE

 I went around the sea, and entered the waterway; touched BAN LINE just after that, and finished Cruise…

一周して水路に入ったらBAN LINEに触れておしまいwww

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4 Responses to Mãebaleia : The Little Sea

  1. Ah yes, the Blue Feather Sea, but that’s a name I totally made up.

    Sorry to hear about your graphics card. Mine seems to be acting up as well.

    Most imp. event connected with the Blue Feather Sea in my blog is Karoz finding the “Big E” on the bottom. Story here a bit…


    A bit later I folded up the 6 open sims of the sea into a cube and made it a centerpiece for the “E a letter of stories exhibit” I had in a gallery last year.


    And now I have the Blue Feather Gallery opening in a couple of days. Same Blue Feather Sea cube is there as well. Ultimate meaning?: still unknown.

    More fwiw…


    Still keeping up with your terrific journeys!

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Blue Feather Sea. It’s a wonderful name.
    And your PC has the trouble of the graphics card like it of me, too.

    The insertion to the PC of a new card is difficult.

    I read your story from now on 🙂
    It was unexpected that there was your trace in the neighborhood that I flew in by air.

  3. baker b. says:


    Hey. I think the Blue Feather is open now. I was really lucky to get such good guest artists to begin. Story of Blue Feather Sea as explained before is briefly described in pictures of House of Truth on ground below the gallery, accessible through the teleporter.

    There’s some other oddities concerning the name Blue Feather and Blue Feather Gallery, but too long to explain here.

    I’ll catch up with your posts as soon as I can… I’ve been pretty busy trying to get the gallery open recently.

  4. ujiyasu says:

    I visited your gallery at once. It of Info Hub of Hangeul is very near. SL has an infinite way of enjoying.

    I was reminded of it by you. But I will revisit it to look at the gallery slowly and carefully again. There is not a place hurrying. There is a place appreciating the works of the artists slowly.

    baker,by the way, the rest is necessary for you, too 🙂

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