Mãebaleia : Loogaroo

 There is an area dotted with lakes in the Satori continent northern part. They are comparatively big 3lakes and smaller 3. Rental houses hold the circumference of the east big lake. I came to the central big lake.


A view southern from the northern coast.


There seems to be the skybox of the dance club on screen of my rear in the sky,a large number of avatars are displayed to my mini-map. The overseas people in-world like dances really. There seem to be very many people who log in to be able to hold it for a dance. Because other means is abundant, the Japanese don’t gather in many dance clubs in reality.


I flew to the southern coast of the lake. Security is installed in the land of my both sides. There was always the waterfall installed in the hill of here. I feel that mainland adds to exclusiveness. Sometimes new inhabitants are exclusive.


I rise along a waterfall.


Perhaps we are safe here.



Here is always the place that there was. I look at the place that has faded away, but there are few new discovery. There is not the thing which I introduce because the construction of new inhabitants is a level in its own way.

ここも以前からあった場所です。無くなるところはあっても発見するようなところがありません>< 新しい住人が作るものはそれなりのレベルですので住民には悪いけど紹介するほどでもないでしょうねww

I think that decrease of a wonderful place is that old inhabitants get tired of SL. Therefore, the ability of the building is not handed down, and the general level of mainland does not rise.


However, as for it, there is no help for it in character of SL. Linden oneself prescribes SL with a simple platform. It does not recommend a beauty spot and an upper-class residential area.


There is not the ability to build such a mansion to me.

 うーん、あたしはこんなの作れないなあ・・・ 建築の腕ないもんねw


I must learn it about a Western-style garden…


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