Sumo wrestler : Baruto Kaito

The sumo wrestler from Estonia,Baruto Kaito promoted to ōzeki rank. the top division of professional sumo is named Makuuchi. And Makuuchi is fixed at 42 wrestlers, ordered into five ranks according to their ability as defined by their performance in previous tournaments.

The ōzeki is immediately below yokozuna,the highest rank in sumo, in the ranking system. It will be natural in future that he aims at Yokozuna.

He is popular with Japanese sumo fans. Why is it? The reason is because he is very polite. Judo, karate, the sumo attach great importance to courtesy than a strong thing. The Japanese courtesy may be heterogeneous with international courtesy. However, the essence is the same. The reason why he is popular with Japanese fans is because his essential courtesy is understood to many Japanese.

The thought that the sumo is a thing only for Japanese is a big mistake. As the former French President was an ardent fan of the sumo, there is the sumo fan now all over the world. It is necessary for us to build the world of opener sumo in cooperation with a world fan.

And there must be it with a thing helping the formation of polite people. Baruto Kaito is a representative of good Sumo wrestler.

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