That female highschool

The students enter school in Japan in April. I remember the school of my hometown,Hakodate,Hokkaido. Feel nostalgic for it very; and is slightly lonely…

I cannot regain past time.

Iai female junior/senior highschool is the Christian school of Protestant in Hakodate,Hokkaido. The school has the oldest history in Japanese northern half.

In 1874, Mr. and Mrs. a certain American propagator (M C Mr. and Mrs. Harris) visited Hakodate. Mrs. Harris noticed the present conditions of late Japanese education. She strongly felt necessity of the girl education in particular.Therefore she reported it in bulletin of The woman missionary work station of the director Methodist group church published in U.S.A.. And she gave an opinion  a school is necessary for Hakodate to the work station.

Just at that time,there was Mrs.Karoline Wright resident in U.S.A. at the bottom of the sorrow. She has lost a dearest daughter in a disease; was just after it. She was a pious Christian like Mrs. Harris. The article of the bulletin which Mrs. Harris wrote moved a heart of Mrs. Wright.

For prayer to a beloved daughter died ,and to repay favor to God,and for good service,Mrs.  Karoline Wright contributed an education fund for daughters.

A Western-style school building was founded in 1882 eight years later since Mrs. Harris came to Hakodate. The school was called Mrs. Karoline Wright memorial school first. And the small school was a start with only six girl students in beginning.

The relief of the portrait of the Mothers of school,Mrs. Harris / Wright are displayed in the  central hall of the school. The mothers still watch girl students every day.

from おかえりなさい(A collection of a certain personal photographs)

The school main building (from 関根要太郎研究室@はこだて)

This building was designed by American architect, James McDonald Gardiner(Wiki:JP).

The school lecture hall(from 関根要太郎研究室@はこだて)

The lecture hall was built by William Merrell Vories.

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