Mãebaleia Driving 1

 I go for a drive to the west in Route8 extending to the east and west in the Satori continent northern part today.



Hi! I eat a hamburger at a drive-in along Route8. As for DINER ROSALITA, the guidance is Japanese.


おはようです。Route8沿いのドライブインで朝ご飯食べてますww DINER ROSALITAというとこなんですがお店に入ったら日本語のチャットで案内が来てびっくり@@ オーナー日本の方だったんですね。  


I started for the west.


The route has many shopping malls. I don’t have the intention to investigate an individual shopping mall in mainland precisely. When the building of the shopping mall is crude, I ignore there.

沿道はショッピングモールがとっても多いです。メインランドのモール一つ一つ見て歩くなんて気はとうに無くしちゃいましたねw モールの作り見て判断してます。急ごしらえみたいなとにかく売れってのはまずスルーですな。  

This area has much vacant land.


This tunnel cannot pass by. I do teleport to the exit by clicking a lamp beside the tunnel.



In all continents, the land of the blank seems to have increased. All the former inhabitants didn’t emigrate to the Zindra continent. Does it mean decrease of the population? 



There is diverging Route8A from Roure8 to the south here. The scenery of this neighborhood doesn’t change before.



I discovered the tank which belonged to the group of bandits,Republic Syldavia  here.


They robbed passing traffic of money illegally before in the Jeogeot continent southern part.

Jeogeot : The Griefers(March 3, 2010 )

Jeogeot : Danger!! Jeogeot大陸:危険です!!(March 4, 2010 )

Jeogeot : Danger!! (2)(March 4, 2010)

Jeogeot : The dangerous foothold was removed(March 5, 2010 )

They were sent out of the Jeogeot continent and may have come to here. The land where the tank was put is land of LL, besides. Management of the land does not seem to be enough for LL.

おお、 Jeogeot南部で嫌な目に遭わせてくれた山賊集団Republic Syldavia の戦車がここにww もしかしてやつら向こう追い出されてSatoriにやってきた? しかもLindenの所有地に戦車置いてます@@


The downhill slope which is rare on a monotonous road…


I finished the drive in Tesla Estate Parking.  




I dropped in at the rest spot added to there.


mainland only for shopping malls is dull. It is pain for me to turn around to see an ordinary shopping mall…

なんかSLもモールばっかになってきた?売れ売ればっかじゃつまんないw 売ってるモノのないようにもよるけど外人さんのモールは酷いですね。

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