Mãebaleia : The Cocoon

There is a big garden in region of the Satori continent northeast,Croix.

The Cocoon
“A park to stroll in – part garden, part woodland. Feel free to explore the Victorian hedged garden, the wildflower meadow, the forest and treehouse, the art gallery, and the old lighthouse. We’re always changing and growing, so come back to see….”


The skybox floating behind a garden spoils scenery, but this is mainland without the regulation, and there is no help for it. SL is the virtual world, but it is difficult to make an ideal scene unless we own private region. The person considering a scene does not neglect it about the sky of the background either. However, it is not important for the person who is not interested in a garden. Therefore, it is difficult at all we make a good scene with mainland, and to maintain it.

This park becomes the center garden and neighboring gardens. Perhaps it is the form of the English garden here. The central garden is artificial, and, in a geometric garden, it seems to be affected by the French garden.

The garden sectioned closely by hedge and topiary is very artificial. The ground is covered exhaustively by a stone pavement and feels intention to eliminate nature as much as possible. It is contrastive with my Japanese sense.

 The fountain was one of the componentries of the gardens which was seen a lot in Japan now, but there was not it in a garden of original Japan.

 The fair square pond is not seen originally in Japan.

 The garden is divided by an internal garden. And there is a central building in that.

 This building is a gallery, and the room of this side seems to be a greenhouse.

 There is the main greenhouse in another place.

 I like neighboring gardens more. I love the outside part of the English garden. It is because I find a Japanese garden and many common points that took in nature.

 There does not need to be the waterfall. Rather I can think of its existence unnaturally. It is the garden which is wonderful enough even if there is not the waterfall in this level ground.

 I do not need to write it after this. I am impressed to look.

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