Mãebaleia : The Cat transportation operation

 I was going to search for the west of the Satori continent northern coast this time. Because Cat say that  she reaches sakurako’s shop,I decided to see her to the shop. A west course just has sakurako’s shop from here.




I pick up Cat on CS -33 and depart. And we go to the west in a Satori continent northern coast.


The coast has very much land of the rental.


CS -33 can change speed into three phases,the highest speed is very fast. This boat navigates even a considerable long range without minding  lag.

CS-33は3段階にスピードを変えることができますが、最高にするととても早いww かなりの長距離でもラグを気にすることもなくこなしてくれます。

The setting sun approaches the horizon, and it is a very beautiful scene.


There was the rental ground which ported the buildings of the Nautilus city. It was moored at there many galley ships. Those odd galley ships seem to be ancient Egyptian them. Realy?


I didn’t drop in on the way today because it was a purpose to carry Cat to sakurako’s shop.


We arrived safely. Cat owns the flying boat of the rear. She said that the direction of the flying boat was reverse and changed a direction hastily.


We talked here till I went for shopping in RL.



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