I was searching for a Satori continent northern coast and found a small airport. When I did teleport by an airport map this month at the beginning, there was not the BLAKE SEA AIRPORT. There was it in the west than the present location before. I fly to the airport today.

Satori大陸北岸を探索中、オレンジさんのお店のすぐ西に小さな空港を見つけました。BLAKE SEA AIRPORTって、これ今月初め頃エアポートマップで見てTPしたら無かったという空港ですw 以前はずうっと西の方のSIMにあったんですが、こちらに移転したんですね。今日はそこへ飛んでみます。

I took off from the Acknefar airport and flew it until just before BLAKE SEA AIRPORT smoothly.


 My Viggen was rolled up in an awful delay as soon as I approached the land of the Satori continent. I cannot control Viggen at all and fell. The small airport where a building crowds around a runway. Besides, as for the immediate right hand of the runway, BAN LINE is set up. In this airport, a landing is difficult.

着陸態勢をとってSatori大陸の陸地にさしかかった途端物凄いラグ>< 機体の制御できなくなって墜落しましたww 建物密集してるからかなー。しかも滑走路のすぐ右手はBAN LINE張られてるし・・・。着陸は難しいですね。

I intended to return immediately to the Acknefar airport. However, I was talked to in passing newbie.

“What should I do?”

He asked me. I don’t know…




I thought that today’s mainland was laggy. A runway is not displayed in the case of a landing to the Acknefar airport. I tried landing on the water on the surface of the sea where there should have been a runway. I thought it to be a delay of region at first. However, I noticed that I maximized the drawing distance of my PC. The smooth drawing is impossible in this. I’m foolish…

どうも今日は重いなあと思いつつ飛行してAcknefar飛行場へ着陸しようとすると、滑走路がいつまでたっても描画されず、海面に着水するかと覚悟したら着地したところで描画されました。何たるラグだとムカついていたら何とあたしのビューワーの描画距離が最大になってました。そりゃ重いって>< こういうとこが抜けてるんですよねーあたしってwww

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