With Eddie

I enjoyed a trip with my Swedish friend,Eddie. Because I was just after the search of the Satori continent, I invited him to CS -33.
“Do the cherry blossoms already bloomed in Japan?”
He asked me.
“No, the cherry blossoms have begun to still bloom.”
I answered him.This winter was warm, but is very cold this monthin Japan.

 Because it isn’t a search, we can move a long range. The search spends trouble and many time for a record ,and I cannot move distance so much then. We came over to USS.

探索じゃなければかなりの距離移動することができます。探索の記事書くときはメモしながら煩雑なことが多くてそうそう前に進めないものですw なので今回はUSSまで来ました。

Oh! We saw the patrol boat(Cutter) of the United States Coast Guard before us.

USCGC Bertholf (WMSL-750): Legend-class maritime security cutter(Wiki)

We went for a Sansara continent drive afterwards.


We started on driving from a parking in some east of Abbot by his Cadillac. And we talked about each other’s countries. He told me that he liked SIM of kenjin. There is surely good SIM.

Abbotの少し東にあるパーキングから出発です。彼は日本のSIMの中ではkenjinさんのとこが好きなんだそうです。他はやっぱりどこも同じに見えると言うか、店ばかりのところが多いってww うーん、そうかも知れません。クリエーター比率が日本の場合高いので造って売るというスタイルが定着してますからね。ある面での日本人の評判というのは遠くスウェーデンでも知れ渡っているというか・・・

He shrank from the bad pavement of the Sansara continent. The bad pavement of the early continent doesn’t have an improved sign. We passed the side of the land which he owned before.

しかしこの大陸の道の悪さに彼は閉口してました。確かに継ぎ目の処理とか良くないですものねww そしてEddieが以前持ってた土地の横を通って南へ行きます。

Both I and Eddie love this area where high mountains crowd.


And we entered in Snowlands. The driving while we talk are the same as reality. And we met with Yumix and her friends.

Snowlansへ入ります。なんだかんだと話しながらのドライブってRLとかわんないですね。この後何とYumixのゆみさんたちのグループと出会いました@@ 実験でもしてるのかなーと思ったらドライブだそうで。

We went to my Rera and rode a truck. Eddie wanted to lay the track of this truck 🙂


Saab 37 Viggen which were made in his country. This fighter has already retired. The latest fighter is deployed in the Swedish air force now.


Finally we stepped on my DD51 and ran for SLRR main line of the Heterocera continent. Eddie,I’m very happy. Thank you)


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