Mãebaleia : The voyage of the east bank


I look at the sea in the northern coast of the Satori continent and drink beer 🙂 The second region is one of Nautilus City regions from here to the north.  I intend to begin the search of the Satori continent on today. And I decided the first spot here.

In fact, it’s the shop of my friend,Orangepekoe here. Skins and Clothes are sold in the shop,Ameni M Hana.


The clothes sold newly are Hot Pants Type-B.

お店の最新作はこのHot Pants Type-Bですね^^。特にここんとこスカルでの衣装の腕をめきめき上げてきた彼女、もう新作に取り掛かっているようです。

A man came over before long in front of an opposite rental house. He was the atmosphere that seemed to shoot a shotgun at any moment.


When I pay attention to him,he has begun to go back and forth in the left house and the right house. He was at a loss clearly. He gave it up and, 10 minutes later, left.

彼は左右のレンタルハウスを行ったり来たりし始めました。どっちにするか迷っているようですw 意外と優柔不断なんですねww 10分後、彼はいなくなりました・・・

Oops!The theme of the article is the exploration. A big building was built recently the east of this shop.


(A)Michie Yacht Club



おお、ここはMichieさんのMichie Yacht Clubではありませんか@@ こんなところに^^ だからCS-30が浮いてたのね。

I do Rez of CS -33  at here and start search of continent.

CS-33が停泊してますねー^^ ではいってきますー。

My CS -33 appeared in the large sea for the first time. I used her so far in a canal of Heterocera. She drives the sea fast lightly as having revived.

あたしのCS-33が広い海に出たの初めてなんですねー>< 今まで北大陸の運河みたいなとこだけしか出してなかったからww 生き返ったように海上を高速でクルーズします。

I arrived at the northeast edge of the continent immediately. Then I changed a direction to the south.


Oh? An unmanned boat works from the right.


(B)I arrived at the pier of Le beau reve. Because here is Rez Point, I get off my boat and search for circumference.


Le beau reveという桟橋に到着です。ここはRez Pointもあるので降りて周囲を探索。

It seems to navigate the unmanned boat of a while ago here.


North next Le beau reve – Dani and An’s home is a hill.

Le beau reveの北の土地はLe beau reve – Dani and An’s home。小高い丘になっています。

The garden around the mansion can take a walk through anyone.


I get in CS -33 again and go to the south.


(C)Port of Club RunningFree [4-NE]. It is Japanese land here. The east sea of here is filled up for a shopping mall. Therefore, the high seas of the Satori continent east bank are dead-end here.  My exploration of a Satori continent after a long absence was a short distance.


Port of Club RunningFree [4-NE]という日本の方の土地。ここで公海は行き止まり。ここの東海上のSIMが埋め立てられてモールになっているのです。今回距離は短かったですけど、Satori大陸の久しぶり再探検の第一歩を踏み出しました^^

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