SAAB 37 VIGGEN : Nautilus continent one round flight

 I fly Nautilus continent one round this time. F-15J is parked next to my Viggen in the Acknefar airport.

My Viggen takes off from the Acknefar airport for the south. I had been turning over to the north Viggen. Then I aimed at the northeast edge of the continent of Nautilus.


 My Viggen maintain an altitude of 250m from the 300m. I changed course to mark a point on the map. Look forward to flying the red pillar is seems like HUD.


I arrived to the northeast edge of the continent. So I started west.


 I changed my course to the south in the northwest of the continent. My Viggen is a descent toward the sea. Viggen is suddenly stopped in the air. Cause it was in the luxury cruiser. It has so many prims to consume. My PC has started to calculate the time to draw it linger.

そして北西端に到達して南下を開始し、海続きのSIMがあるので低空に降りたところいきなりViggenが空中でストップ@@ 慌ててラグメーターを見ると描画に時間がかかっているとw どうやらSarafinaに停泊している豪華客船がとんでもないプリム数で、それを視界に入れちゃったからなんですねー><

My PC is released from the calculation, the plane began to move forward again. I was raised a Viggen. Before it reached land.


Altitude flying, hopefully I will be careful and skybox. Close to the sea of Nautilus City, I have seen only Map marker.


 I fly low to the sea of of Nautilus City my Viggen.


 I fly this airspace visual.


I in north and pass the Spyglass.




 その後F-15jの持ち主manaさんがいらして長話しちゃいましたw あとでmanaさんとこの飛行場にお邪魔しちゃうですよ^^

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