Jeogeot Walking 23

I visited the island of the Jeogeot continent northernmost. In fact, it was the place where it got used to most from spring, 2007 when I began SL here. The sea area around this island was a center of the yacht sailing in those days. I learned a yacht here and went round the islands by my boat.

Dawn Design

++ The Gothic Mall and Club ++. The institution which is outstanding in this area has only these now.

It was the next year, and, in this area, environment changed completely. The waterway where a ship came and went was occupied. And a lot of high-rise condominiums were built, and the environment was always laggy.

The center of the island was occupied in a rental area called Cherry Tree.

There has nothing now. The huge town became extinct. Sailors left first, and the inhabitants of the town left next. It is land without a characteristic here now. The land of SL seems to be renewed in the same way as a human being, too. However, I don’t understand whether it always progresses.

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