Jeogeot Walking 22

I remember that this neighborhood of the Jeogeot continent northern part had a terrible experience to explore it before. Before ad farm regulation is started,Before an adult continent is made and Before gambling is prohibited,this continent was the continent which was the noisiest in those all. And I abandoned the exploration of this continent on the way then. It is totally incredible now. There is much BAN LINE as ever…

 Jeogeot北部のこの辺りは以前探検しようとして散々な目に遭った記憶があるところです。アドファーム規制が入る前、アダルト大陸ができる前、賭博が禁止される前で、この大陸が一番それらであふれかえっていたような気がします。それで途中で匙を投げちゃったという苦い思い出がwww 今ではさすがにそんなのはありませんが、かつての過密ぶりが嘘のようにスカスカです。相変わらずBAN LINEばっかりなのには閉口しますが・・・


Siann Beck Gallery South. Therefore some pictures of Muriel Cayet,French woman painter were exhibited.

Site officiel de l’artiste peintre et art-thérapeute Muriel Cayet (FR)

Muriel Cayet – Premiere Artist Portfolio at



Route9の舗装が途切れるところにあるSiann Beck Gallery Southというギャラリーにはフランスの女性画家Muriel Cayetの絵がありました。


 (B)Von Warren Mifflin Estate

 BLACKSPOT – The Cormorant. Here was a ship same as my holding one.

I finished a search of main island in the Jeogeot continent. I will search for the north island tomorrow.


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