Heterocera : Griffin

Imperial Station in the Heterocera continent South-West. The Eastern bloc of Imperial Station is faced with Route1 and,there is Cerridwen’s Cauldron Main Gallery, The Tower of Dawn (roadside) in the other side of the way. There is region called Griffin.

 the Tower of Dawn RL & virtual art gallery.

There is a slipway along the inner wall of a cylindrical tower.

I continued going to the top.

We can look down at this world in a lounge.

There is a gallery on the top.

The top floor is the top of the cloud.

I came back to the ground and went to the shore from the neighboring building. Here is a part of the gallery, too. I took a nap in being a blunder here.

There is Hooked on Fishing Camp in the east of the gallery. I noticed that anyone do rezzing each boat at a pier of here. It is convenient here so that I go round Heterocera continent by boat because it’s almost Imperial Station which I made.

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