SAAB 37 VIGGEN : The movement flight training

I came to the airport of 1944region for movement flight training.

The wing is called Flygflottilj in Swedish. The organization of the Japanese wing is structure based on one of the U.S.Air force. However, the details are unclear about the structure of the wing of the Swedish air force.


スウェーデン空軍の組織の名前は英語の名称とかなり異なるところがあります。航空団(Air Wing)はスウェーデンではFlygflottilj(略してF)と呼ばれます。その編成などもかなりアメリカや日本などとは違うようです。

The wing generally consists of it in the headquarters and plural squadrons,suport units. The structure of the wing of the Swedish air force seems to be considerably different from U.S.Airforce and Japanese wings.


The air wing has some squadrons. The squadron is called division in Sweden. The organization of the Swedish air force may be near to Luftwaffe unlike The U.S.Air force and the Royal Air Force.


I translated it from Wiki(SV). However, most of the real contents are missing.

Wing commander
Squadron Staff
 Squadron Expedition(Any kind of duty?)
 Weather Section
 Intendenturavdelning(Any kind of duty)
 Building Department
 Medical Department
 Technical Unit led by Flotilla technical director and responsible for overall technical operations at squadron. Primary more kvalifiserat maintenance of aircraft and other vehicles and equipment on the Flotilla.(Any kind of duty)
 Signal Division
 Traffic Division
 Mobilization Division
Section Checkout
1-3 × Station Companies Each station company is linked to a division. Company responsible for the daily maintenance and clarification of the division plane.
Education Kompani Responsible for initial training of conscripts.
1-3 × Divisions

その航空団の組織はスウェーデン語のWikiから英語に直してみたんですが想像も付かない名前の部隊もいっぱい>< ちょっとこれ思い切って訳すことができませんね・・・

A division of an Air Force comprises eight aircraft. The Swedish air force has divisions have colors as names, combined with a name from the spelling alphabet. First division of a squadron has been red, others blue and the third yellow. The name has been to show what squadron they belong. For example, the second division of the G16 termed Petter blue.

The concept of flight division is, unlike the army division, not a direct translation from English, but most closely matched by the Squadron. The corresponding concept squadron has in Swedish only used as a label for cavalry units of rhythm anise to battalion size.


I tend to be missing about Swedish air force.


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